Martina Račič Slovenia
Incentive idea: survival programme in Slovenian woods
14 August 2018 Incentive travel

Active sporty groups that love to be challenged will go crazy about our newest programme, that we organized for Dutch clients in Triglav national park in North Slovenia. In a country that is covered by forest in 64 % and where hiking and sustainability are a big part of local culture, survival programme in the wild makes perfect sense.


Connect with the nature

Connect with the nature and your team. Breath in, breath out and accept the challenges that we prepared for you and your team. This programme will make you feel energized, connected and you will leave with a priceless new knowledge – how to survive in the wild.

Feel the adrenaline

Activities range from lighting the fire, rescuing injured person, crossing the river, climbing, mountain biking, catching and cleaning the fish, abseiling the rock etc. We can adapt the difficulty level based on group preference and CSR elements can also be included with activity such as building bikes for underprivileged children.

Ready to survive in the woods?

The programme is implemented in smaller groups of 8-10 people and is appropriate for a group with up to 150 participants. It can last from a few hours to full two days and all groups have a professional guide present at all times. The programme is best from May to September, since we recommend sleeping in tents in the forest. So, are you ready to survive in the woods? Send your request for survival programme to

Production: ENKI


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