Irena Skundrić Croatia
Dutchess in Dubrovnik team
19 April 2018 Destinations

Our Intours DMC team is very international, with German, French and Dutch project managers and many others that have lived abroad.  A combination of someone with native roots working with our clients and at the same time living in a local area is very fruitful. We talked to Irena, a project manager in Dubrovnik team, born and raised in the Netherlands.


Why do you breathe tourism/MICE?

Irena: I love the variety in this job and the challenges it brings with it. Every project, small or big, has its own magic to it, which makes this job so interesting.

How does being Dutch help you when creating incentive events?

Irena: Being raised in The Netherlands by a Dutch mom and Croatian dad helped me to understand diversity in cultures and habits. This is also what I use in my communication towards our clients. I understand the way they look to Dubrovnik as a destination and what could be the most interesting for them to do once they are here.

If you would attend an incentive event in Croatia, where would you go, what would you do and why?

Irena: I would definitely choose Dubrovnik as a destination, because of everything it can offer. Dubrovnik has it all; a wealthy history and cultural heritage, crystal clear sea and the beautiful countryside. Possibilities for activities for an incentive of any kind are numerous in this area.

It seems like Croatia stole your heart. What has convinced you to move to Dubrovnik and stay there?

Irena: The quality of life is what made me move and stay in Croatia. The everyday life is what attracted me the most. Just being able to see these beautiful surroundings everyday makes me very happy to live here. I live on an island next to Dubrovnik where the quietness speaks to my heart.

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