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Trends in incentive events industry in 2018
27 February 2018 Incentive travel

With a growing number of people travelling worldwide and growing number of companies that face a challenge of keeping their best employees, incentive events are becoming an important tool for every HR professional. If we were talking about teambuilding events as a must-have for teams 10 years ago, we are now talking about incentive events as a new must have. How do we see the current trends in incentive events industry?


Roads less travelled

The classic destinations are slowly declining. People don’t want to go to places where everyone has already been. They are looking for destinations that have a lot to offer and less explored.

Safety before appeal

When you send 60 of your most valuable team members on an incentive event, you want everyone to return back happy and healthy. Safety of destinations in becoming one of the most important factors when choosing a destination and destinations that have been of general public radars now have an advantage.

Short distances heaven

It's never fun to spend time in the bus or car driving. Event planners are searching for destinations, where their clients can experience a lot of diverse activities and landscapes in a short time. Destinations with natural diversity, quality connections and high density of attractions are now on the top of event managers list.

Activities that provoke emotions

With people being used to culinary, cultural or adrenaline highlights, incentive event organizers are looking for ways to make the events exceptional and truly memorable. People always remember how they felt somewhere and they quickly forget what they actually did.

Unusual venues and alternative accommodations

Hotel venues and accommodations are still huge and represent the biggest part of incentive business. At the same time, we see a rise in clients wishes for alternative venues or places to stay, such as more secluded places, villages with a story or venues that are closely connected to the nature.

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