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Record 130 incentive events in 2017 and spicy plans for 2018
05 February 2018 Incentive travel

2017 was amazing for Intours DMC from several angles: we broke a record with 130 incentive events in one year, which was only a dream a few years ago. We began the year 2018 with 35 experienced, motivated and passionate team members in 3 offices and we’re still hiring. Are you curious about our plans for the upcoming year? Read an interview with Ante Lacman, director of Intours DMC Croatia and Tomaz Krusic, managing director of Intours DMC.


How do you feel about the year 2017? How was it for you and Intours DMC?

ANTE: 2017 was challenging, as all the previous years. The business increased due to growing interest in Croatia, current trends in tourist market and our marketing activities. I am very satisfied and happy to see that the team is growing all the time.

TOMAZ: 2017 was the best so far regarding the number of confirmed incentive groups – around 130. It was great for Intours DMC and also for me personally – I experiences a couple of new challenges, which is always good.

What was your favourite moment, event, change, improvement, that has happened in 2017 and why does it mean a lot to you?

ANTE:  There were several amazing projects we did. I will never forget a high-end event for a group of 36 people. The level of service and expectations were extremely high and I am really happy that it worked so well. The feedback about the event was amazing, it made me feel very proud (especially keeping in mind client’s profile and experience with their previous events). You also don’t forget a private birthday party. The client was one of the richest people from “down under” and at the same time he was very down to earth kind of person. We threw the best party his guests ever attended in the middle of nowhere … and the guest list was the same level as the host of the party!

TOMAZ: I convinced a very demanding client to confirm an event with us in 20 minutes during the sales call. It felt great since it wouldn’t be possible without a deep knowledge of our region and possibilities we have.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

ANTE: 2018 looks good and already now we can say that it will be challenging again due to a big volume of business. We are also dealing some new and at the same time very demanding projects, where the highest level of performance in expected – another challenge that is keeping me alive. Above everything, I’m looking forward to health and inspiration for the hard work.

TOMAZ: I’m looking forward to expanding and developing the PCO concept. We see a big potential in congresses and I’m looking forward to this new step forward.

How would you describe Intours DMC team in three words?

ANTE: Responsive, responsible, creative.

TOMAZ: Responsible, experienced, creative.

Can you share something from your personal bucket list, that you'd like to cross off in 2018?

ANTE: Finally, throw a blues concert with my band and maybe visit the south of USA, the cradle of blues music. Lucky the business I'm involved with might help me to fulfil all this.

TOMAZ: It would be great to finally find time for a good hiking and climbing experience.


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